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That one lady you guys were talking about last week that I didn’t know who she was

In celebrity fashion on November 22, 2008 at 10:21 pm

I have nothing against fashion. That it is a commercial art doesn’t take away from the artistry and talent it takes to make people look good. When I see Karen in a pair of high heels (black Aerosoles, with three inch heels, top buckle) and a short skirt…whuff! Or even me, when on the off chance I received a good hair cut from the barbers on Atwood and am wearing something that Karen bought me or I got for Christmas-I feel good. It’s the celebrity thing that I don’t get. But I got to thinking that I don’t get celebrity culture, because I haven’t given it a chance. With that in mind I have set out to start a celebrity/style blog called “The Knuckle Hole.” Each issue I can explore another facet of celebrity events and gossip.  Today’s blog features that one lady you guys were talking about last week that I didn’t know who she was.


Evidently she is a singer worthy of appearing in Wikopedia. She has also appeared in such movies as The Nanny and Touched By an Angel (By the looks of it, she could be vying with Owen for the upcoming remake of Yentl). She has won the prestigious Felix award for “most successful Quebecois Artist in a Language Other Than French” And evidently she also sang “God Bless America” on some aircraft carrier-pretty good for a non-native. But she wore that one dress at that awards celebration. A definite celebrity fashion blunder.

That wraps it up for this week. You can look forward to next week’s feature on hair styles of Roman women on coins from the first and second century.


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