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Proper names for fan groups

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 at 10:17 am

A group of Patriots fans is called a chowder
A group of Browns fans is called a dog house
A group of Bears fans is called a haymarket
A group of Packers fans is called a wheel
A group of Dolphins fans is called a marino
A group of Lions fans is called those two guys left in the stands in the fourth quarter
A group of Steelers fans is called a please put your shirts back on
A group of Cowboys fans is called a rodeo
A group of Giants fans is called Jets fans
A group of NFL owners is called a lockout
A group of Buccaneers fans is called a shipwreck
A group of Raven fans is called an unkindness
A group of Fox NFL commentators is called a mute button
A group of Vikings fans is called a wish they still had that third round draft pick
A group of Yankee fans is called an insufferable
A group of Jets fans is called a snooki
A group of Bills fans is called a Mark (after my brother-in-law)
A group of Raiders fans is called a cell block
A group of Madden NFL Football video game players is called a turducken
A group of Bulls fans is called a riot

  1. You forgot: A group of Eagles fans is called a Boor.

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