E Pluribus Mores

The Impending Debt Limit Crisis

  The great blizzard of 2011 really came at an inconvenient time.  I was all ready to name the looming debt limit crisis “The debtpocolypse”.  But with crisis suffixes like “snowpocolypse” and “snowmageddon” taken I worry that we will run out of superlatives before the inevitable political showdown.  I think it is important that we get started now coining terms that capture the true gravity of the situation.  Might I suggest:



The catoinstitutetellsusthatwecantunseatobamaunlesswestageasecondrecessionopolooza


The monsteregotruckrally.  Power! Power! Power!




The greathyperboleoftwothousandeleven

  1. I’m having a Ican’tbelieveI’mmarriedtothisguyapalooza moment over here.

  2. I’m having a countyerblessingshesakeepermania moment myself!

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